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The Dictionary Says:

wheel·a·brate (hwl-¾-br³t) v. 1.a. Force of grit thrown at a high velocity to clean millscale from metal surfaces. b. A machine (Wheelabrator) used to abrade metal surfaces. 2. A strong velocity carrying sand/grit along. 3. Mechanical or automated sandblasting process. --wheel·a·brate tr.v. wheel·a·brated, wheel·a·brat·ing, wheel·a·brates. wheel·a·brator n.

The Machine -
Puget Sound Coatings can load into the horizontal Wheelabrator, with brand new millscaled steel, at one end and it comes out the other end clean and scale free. It also works to remove paint, rust and other types of buildups.

We specialize in running new full length (Standard 21' - 60') pipe as well as raw steel through our wheelabrator in preparation for Hot Dip Galvanizing. The machine has capability of running longer length things that are as wide a 6-feet and as tall as 16-inches. Rather it be Plate, I-Beam, H-Beam, Piling, Angle, Pipe, Tube or Flat Bar all parts roll through the machine on rollers. While the parts go through the middle of the machine there are four wheels, heavy motor driven that look similar to a water wheel that are turning at a very high rate of speed. The media drops onto the wheels paddles and is then flung from the wheel at a very high velocity at the part going through. This action cleans the surface right down to it's bare substrate material to any of the common SSPC-SP grades of cleaning. The most common types of media we use for our wheelabrator is Steel Shot & Steel Grit.

The Media Used In The Wheelabrator is the same as gets used in the blasting booths. Listed next is the description of those material types:

Steel Shot - A manufactured material from the steel industry where an atomization process (Click here for an interesting detail on how Steel Shot and Grit is made) to create small droplets that in further process becomes silver in color and is available in a large variety of sizes from the very small 200 to the very large number 8. Because of the ability to create different levels of steel hardness it has a wide range on the Moh's Hardness chart of usually between 8 - 10. Most steel shot material is made at the harder side which makes it nearly indestructible for the blasting industry and where we can literally get hundreds of throws before it turns to dust. This material is most commonly used because of the dimpled surface texture it leaves on the substrate. 

Steel Grit - Similar to steel shot except in the angular grit form. The color and the hardness is also similar to the the shot however the impact on the item being blasted is much different. With shot you get a dimple effect where as grit you get a divot. This material is greatly used to remove the mill-scale on steel for coating preparations. It is a very aggressive blast media and cuts very quickly.

Our technicians carefully choose which material needs to be added along with what rate the part being cleaned should travel through the machinery as well as the paddle wheel speeds to achieve the best finish possible for the customers specific needs on each and every job we put through our facilities.     

For a full page of Wheelabrating pictures Click Here

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