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PSC has high pressure, large equipment to blast the largest pieces quickly. All Steel Structures Painting Council (SSPC) and National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) Cleaning levels are efficiently achieved. We can handle any size, vessel  interior or exteriors, and meet any blast specification.

Cable Support Casting


PSC has the ability to achieve many types of blast appearances and profiles, These varied surface preparations are ideal for many different types of coatings, including patinas, clear coats and other specialties.

Steel Railings

Aerospace / Military

PSC has the expertise to blast clean all types of metals, including alloy steel, aluminum, stainless steel and other non-ferrous metals. We can perform to most aircraft and military specifications.

Piper-Cub Fuselage


PSC performs blasting on all kinds of metals for nearly any marine application. We can remove old, heavy coatings, heavy rust, marine growth or mil-scale as needed. On interior and exterior applications. We commonly blast for many kinds of Antifouling and deck coating applications. Bring us the tough marine work, we can get it done.

Aluminum Boat


Puget Sound Coatings has the equipment, expertise and facility to blast pipe, vaults, conduit, tanks, or any other items normally buried and then can apply coatings of many choices to protect the substrate as required by your specification.

Fuel Farm Turbine


Regardless of the City, State, or Federal requirements, local or far away PSC is able to work hand in hand with the specific specification requirements. PSC is always open to inspectors with accommodations for their particular needs.

Under Ground Vault

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)

Whether you have one part or hundreds, an entire machine or one piece from it, we have the experience and knowledge to prepare your parts for painting of any kind by means of blasting with a wide rage of different media types to fit your project.

Stainless Steel Bollard

Mobile Equipment

From fine grits with low pressure to remove old coatings on aluminum 'Skins' and/or thin sheet metal, to old heavy coatings on container and container chassis back from Alaska, we can blast the toughest of tough jobs and more.

Service Truck Through Blast
Utility Box

Auto Restoration

PSC has many years experience preparing automotive bodies and other parts for new coatings. Hobbyist and professionals alike, depend on us to get all the old paint and corrosion out of the sheet metal in preparation for your body and restoration paint work.

67 Mustang Body Shell


Hammering Man at the Seattle Art Museum, Chihuly's Floral Ceiling at the Belagio lobby in Las Vegas, and ________________ are just a few of the hundreds of art projects Puget sound Coatings has blasted in prep for some of the most prestigious clients for their art that goes world wide. 

Flame-Cut Art Sculpture

Residential / Commercial

Glass / Acrylic / Polycarbonate

We can frost, texture, and/or create a design or image to turn your glass or plastic panels into exactly what you want.

Bricks / Tile / Stone

Text & Image 'engraving' texturing and 'honing' alternatives are achieved daily at PSC with a large variety of grits and pressures. Come see our sample stones at our facility to choose exactly what you would like your stone to be finished like.

Wood / Wood Signs

From Maple to Pine and Cedar to fir, PSC can stress your wood for an aged look or blast it to your required depth, one sided or two with non-blasted boarders or round the edges by blasting PSC can give you the exact look you're looking for.


Heating radiators whatever the size PSC has the ability to handle one or a number of dozens while keeping the required care throughout the process getting them blast cleaned and ready for coating.

Lawn Furniture

Rod iron to steel tube, aluminum to any cast steel, aluminum, iron, brass, etc. Just a table or maybe an entire set, PSC has the ability to take off old coatings or clean of the scale of new material in readiness for your plating or coating choice.

Plexiglas Panels

Granite Slab Detail
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Apartment  Signs
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Aluminum Chair

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